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The purpose of the joint work is the design and implementation of innovative resource-saving solutions.



Sustainable Systems Research & Development Group

Our research and development team was created by scientists, technologists and specialists in the field of certification and quality management.

When planning and evaluating projects, we focus on their cost-effectiveness and feasibility, the main criterion of which is additional saving of resources in comparison with solutions already available on the market. With a rational appraisal of projects, we supplement the classical financial assessment with an additional index of time saving for people using the solutions developed by us.


Our expertise and proficiency as well as our interest to science; innovation and a culture of operational excellence make us to offer our customers technology, services and support that improve the quality of people's lives

BioCloud Project


Informational solution for authentication and encryption of information based on biometric information of its owners. The project is designed to allow medical information solutions to place patient clinical information in cloud data stores.

The solution provides absolute protection of data from unauthorized access. The resource-saving effect of the solution lies in a significant saving of resources and people's time in the exchange of clinical information between medical institutions.

ChainLogger Project


An information solution using BlockChain technology that allows service companies to control the time spent on production more transparently. Using this solution, enables consumer companies to control the cost of ordered services more transparently, providing a fundamentally new level of trust between the parties, which allows to optimize the time spent by manufacturing companies.

Prothese3D Project


Technological solution for manufacturing traction prostheses based on 3D-modeling and 3D-printing. The solution is designed to improve the quality of manufactured prostheses while greatly reducing the cost of their production.t of their production.

A system for an automatical notification of doctors has enabled us to receive quickly security-critical information about health.


The data were also provided thanks to the communication with mobile diagnostic devices running via Health Vault. This system helped to make considerable time saving for receiving initial diagnostic information and its forwarding to doctors.

Patient portal

.NET, Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL Server


Our company has created a Silverlight modul for a portal based on Sitefinity CMS which manages and displays analysis results und other information about patients.

Patient portal

 .NET, Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL Server


 .NET, С#, WPF


We have to create a system with a user-friendly interface which could help to plan pharmacotherapy. As a result we have developed a light-weight application also suitable for mobile and tablet devices. Thanks to it doctors can work quickly und better contol their treatments. The program connection to the compounder for automated infusion production helped to save nearly 75% of the time of a compounder operator.


Telemedicine-system for ophthalmology

.NET, Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL Server


We have been searhing for a solution that could help doctors from Munich to carry out a ophtalmologische Diagnos. As result, we have developed a software package with a document management system and a system to plan treatments based on the German medical system x.isyNet adapted for Russia. The document management system based on Sharepoint has helped to store graphical pictures and allowed a metadata based search by them. This software package has facilitated a remote online contol of diagnostic diveces. It also has helped to save time of the patients and made the qualitative first diagnosis more accessable.

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