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Non-Corneal Diaton Tonometry

Research a New Opportunity

Non-Corneal Diaton Tonometry have no analogues in the world. Diaton tonometer is the unique device measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) through the eyelid WITHOUT CONTACT TO THE CORNEA and causing no discomfort to the patient.


The rise of IOP is one of the main factors that indicate glaucoma presence. Aproximately 4.5 Million people around the world are blind due to glaucoma. Glaucoma is the second leading case of blindness worldwide! Due to the silent progression of the desease, majority of the infected people do not even suppose that they have such a desease.

And now, we present a safe and easy method to measure IOP, Diaton Tonometer, that can help to detect glaucoma at its early stage and as result will help to save patient's eyes!


The Diaton Tonometer , a transpalpebral measurement device aviods corneal contact. Transpalpebral scleral tonometry  doesn't require topical anasthetic during routine use.


This innovative method works in such complicated cases when it is impossible to use classical tonometry methods. The Diaton Tonometer is the unique device which shows reliable IOP results in complicated medical cases:


- in patients with corneal pathology

- in patients with allergy to anasthetics

- after laser refractive surgery

- after keratoplasty and keratoprosthetics


The measurements with Diaton Tonometer show moderate correlation with those provided by applanation tonometry.

Ballistic Principle Diaton Tonomety can be used as an alternative for the measurement of the intraocular pressure above eyelids of patients with recent ocular surgeries, after refractive surgeries, with severe corneal injuries, with corneal apoptosis of epithilium and with large pterygium. Additionally, children can be measured easily with Diaton for IOP and also it can be used in patients with mobility problems..

Diaton Tonometer